Riding a guy without a saddle – A quick guide to bareback gay sex

You can find just two things up for discussion now: early mornings and audio.In gay bareback porn films, taking the 2nd first: audio? Should it be prohibited? Does it perform?

Can it be as bad as it was in the past when the 70s plink-a-plonk plinked away within the sounds of grinding and grunting? That so many gay guys go in for creating function really? I am aware of, it will not quite ring true (unfortunately) but in the amazing universe of no condom men pornography, and over at Sean Cody , it is a way of life. Every building site is full of hunky men who need to get off with other hunky men, both old and young. You’ve got toned and fit, handsome and moody appearing Johnny Rapid standing at a window of half dressed some fantastic looking apartment in the first morning as well as the sight of him and solid works well with the fine.
sean cody
That ’s a vote of ‘yes’ from me for Sean Cody at least at the beginning of bareback porn movies.These are two cadets, just back from some training exercise plus one of them, Johnny Rapid has a problem. When the drill sergeant comes in, the lads are just about to share confessions and we get a number of this as the cadets get a dressing down, blustering and yelling. That’s what new version Johnny Rapid tells new model Colby Jansen in this scene, “riding a guy without a saddle”.

And that’s still another great reason for clicking over there (in a minute) and seeing the scene: two new, gay hot porn stars in the making, two great introduction performances and two promising guys to get to understand. Johnny Rapid is a well-built good looking man using a natural capacity that is acting. Colby Jansen is more your twink kind that is classic, using a sexy smooth butt and fresh-faced innocence. They soon get down to the activity that individuals came in to see, these looks shortly cause some fondling and kissing and Colby Jansen losing his towel to sow is eight-inch his tough and cock. Johnny Rapid isn’t complaining of course, and, with their dog tags swinging, the guys start to really get into this blow job.

Colby Jansen is nude, showing off some nice tats, and facefucking Johnny Rapid like he is just awakened from a dream that is horny and desires it to contuse in to real life.

It’s a what shortly become a nice lead in to s a highly energized and very sensual hardcore scene; just as we’ve come to anticipate from this site. We’ve both Colby Jansen and 2 very appealing male models here and ooze sexuality that is Johnny Rapid and all-they are doing is looking at each other, and filling us with expectation.

And then, as if that weren’t enough, the guys swap places and Johnny Rapid fucks Colby Jansen; something this cadet that is versatile definitely enjoys. Well, you’re able to check the rest of it out for yourself. It ends as it started, by which time these two bareback porn stars risers are truly and well up.…

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Finding the best gay porn stars – thanks to gaypornstarstube.xxx

When I look for gay porn stars for free, I want the best, I want it to last a bit longer than three minutes and I want it high quality – and to take my time as and let my cock slowly build itself up until I can’t take anymore, calm down a bit, and start all over again.
I found a site called GayPornStarsTube.xxx, and although they are not all long, there are a lot that are. This site is full of free gay sex porn with models of all tastes. There is an assortment of gay pornstars such as Colby Keller, Johnny Rapid, Rafael Alencar , Will Braun , Paddy oBrian , Wesley Woods who all have one thing in common, and that is hardcore sex – get onto this site now, there has to be something for you. They all love sucking cock and getting their asses drilled, or drilling assholes themselves.
gay porn stars
I went into a theme called ‘Pretty’ which I have never seen before and it has 486 movies to watch all with high quality and good sound. One movie lasted almost 23 minutes, and sure enough, it’s a really pretty, barley legal twink sitting on a couch with a hairy muscular daddy figure. This twink may look all innocent, but soon as his ‘daddy’ gets his big hard cock out of his pants, this young man manages to deep throat his cock as his daddy face fucks him. The streaming is pretty quick as well, and sometimes I like to fast forward movies to see certain parts, like, watching this hairy man bending over and licking his twinks sweet smooth asshole as he gets it lubed up for his cock. He fucks him in all sorts of erotic positions and the movie doesn’t finish until the cum splatters all over the twinks smooth young body and they gently kiss.
This had stirred my interest (and something else!) so I decided trying something else. This time I went into ‘bareback porn stars’ were they have 853 hardcore movies all made by yourselves. This has always been a great fantasy as I think about filming a couple of men having sex together, and them filming me.

This also did it for me. It starts off with a twink lying on the bed on his front. His twink lover lies on top of him and grinds his cock across his ass through his jeans. You can hear them moaning and groaning with excitement as the twink lying on the bed gets his pants pulled on and his lover slaps his ass a few times and probes his tight asshole with his tongue. He shoves his cock deep into his wet asshole without a condom and fucks him hard and fast. The excitement builds up as they fuck like rabbits until he sends his cum shooting up the young man’s punished asshole.
This movie has been seen by 3,399 horny men as they jerk off to these twinks fucking like crazy, and it lasts for 20 minutes.
Long Gay Sex looks like it is updated on a regular basis and tells you the date that it was first added. This is a great site which I will certainly be going back to as I have added it to my favourites as its one of the best gay pornstars for free around with I wide variety of hardcore homosexual movies to choose from. Maybe you could even get a friend or three around to watch it with you.…

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Jizz orgy and its movies

‘Jizz Orgy’ is part of the award winning networking machine HD hardcore gay porn, which also has another nine sites. ‘Jizz orgy’ is exactly what it sounds like, all kinds of guys with hard dicks putting into as many holes as they can. It’s about hungry bottoms when one cock is just not enough. This site has 115 hardcore movies on offer for us to watch, and you won’t be disappointed. The guys range from young cute twinks to beefy hairy men, and quite a few athletic guys to watch too. There is plenty of ass play, ass licking, ass fucking, and cock sucking. The sweat drips from their bodies as they fuck each other hard and fast which always ends up in sizzling hot cum covering ravished bodies and cute faces.
Some of the porn stars in ‘Jizz Orgy’ you will recognise, such as Hector De Silva, Jessy Aires, Johnny Rapid, Paddy O’Brian and Conner Maguire; that’s just a few of them. These guys, and a lot more, also star in all of the Men.com network where there are an incredible 2,096 hardcore movies to watch throughout its ten sites.
In this final part of ‘What Happens In Vegas’ five more porn stars get down and dirty just how we like it, and they are: Aspen, Brandon Evans, Griffin Barrows, Jaxton Wheeler and Men.com all exclusive star, Jack Radley.

The gay pornstars doing the hardcore fucking

Aspen has got a great body with a few dark hairs and has the cute face of a naughty schoolboy even though he’s in his twenties. He is a versatile top with a juicy eight and a half inch cut cock and a lovely tight ass. He is five feet eight inches tall with black hair and cheeky brown eyes. Aspen has starred in 21 movies for Men.com and one of his most popular viewed movies in another ‘Jizz Orgy’ called ‘Son Of A Preacher Man Part 3’, starring Johnny Rapid, Kurt Wild, Scott Riley and Vadim Black.
Brandon Evens is pretty new to Men.com has so far only been in this series. But he is one hot top who can fuck for hours on end. He has short cropped brown hair, amazing blue eyes and has a seven inch cut cock and a beautiful firm ass. He has a swimmers body and by the looks of him, will be around for quite a while.
Griffin Barrows also has a lovely body with a few hairs and a designer beard. He is versatile with a six and a half inch cut cock, brown hair and bright blue eyes. Griffin is also pretty new to Men.com, and so far, has starred in this series and ‘Taking Down The Conservatives.’
gay porno fucking
Jaxton Wheeler is a muscled hairy bear of a man with slightly long black hair. He is versatile, has hazel eyes, is five feet eight inches tall and has a six inch cut dick. He has starred in 21 hardcore movies for Men.com and his first movie with them was back in December 2013 where he got his concrete butt screwed by Topher Di Maggio in ‘Allure.’
Will Braun has a sexy smooth body and the face and looks of an innocent college guy. He is five feet six inches tall, has brown hair and blue eyes, and is versatile with a seven inch cut cock. Will is an all exclusive star to Men.com and has starred in 59 hardcore movies with them so far.

What is the gay fuck movie about?

It’s Aspen’s, Brandon’s, Griffin’s, Jaxton’s and Will’s last day in Vegas, and they want to go out with a bang. Their last day is spent in the hotel where they are all set and ready to get their rocks off.
Jaxton and Will are on one end of the couch kissing and stroking each other’s cocks through their pants. The other three are at the other end of the couch also kissing and their hands are going everyone. Jaxton is the first one to get his cock out on show, and Will goes down and as heads that way, Brandon caresses his beefy muscled body and kisses him on the lips. Jaxton then grabs Will hair and pushes him towards Brandon’s body and gets him to suck on his cock whilst Griffin is greedily sucking on Aspen’s.

In the first five minutes of this movie these guys are totally naked, sucking on cock and Brandon fingers griffin’s cute ass as Will carries on sucking his hard dick and Griffin is sucking on Aspen’s. The air is thick with the sounds of excitement and cock sucking. Will gets up and squats down right onto Jaxton’s thick dick and groans out with excitement. He is soon shut up when Brandon puts his cock in his mouth, and Aspen starts fucking Griffin right next to them doggy style.
Brandon takes over from fucking Will Braun’s tight ass, and Jaxton and Aspen take it in turns fucking Griffin. So much fucking and sucking go on, and pretty soon Brandon is getting his butt fucked too.
With sweat pouring down their hot bodies, they all stand up around Griffin Barrows as they jerk off next to each other. The noises turn into a crescendo as one by one they cover Griffin’s ravished body and face all over with their sizzling hot creamy jizz.
As they finish off, they remind each other ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.’
There are another 114 hardcore movies to watch in ‘Jizz Orgy’, and each one is of a high quality with great sound. And, not only do you get to see all these movies, you will also get to see all the other 2,096 movies that are spread out through Men.com’s networking machine. Join today, and watch what these great sites have to offer you. But, be careful as your dick will be red raw so go out and by some extra lube, coz, believe you me, you are going to need it.…

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Found a site with hardcore gay porn in HD

Sometimes, when looking for porn I’m not too sure what I want, or even what to tap into my keyboard, but I few days ago I just tapped in ‘hot guys gay porn’ into a search engine, and saw a ‘gaypornstarstube.xxx’ where it says it has thousands of hardcore gay porn in HD. I know I don’t need to see thousands, but I can always save it, besides, what else am I going to be doing after a day of work whilst waiting for the weekend to come along?
Actually, it has 25,416 Hardcore movies, worth 1,810 hours of cock jerking and 1,042,092 MB of downloadable movies for us to watch at our own pleasure. It’s easy to navigate, and you can browse videos from their easy menu. They have a long list of category’s ranging from; Amateur, Asians, Fisting, Twinks, and Glory holes to Men in uniform.
Browse by site such as; Active Duty, Alpha Males, Bel Ami Online, Boy Feast and Men.com, and many more well-known gay porn companies, and maybe some you have never heard of.
You can even look for your favourite porn star, or just browse through the Pornstar list to look for one you haven’t seen before. I looked at Topher Dimaggio because my cock throbbed as soon as I saw the photographs of him, and that I could sit and watch him in the 31 hardcore movies he has been in; check him out if you haven’t done so before. His body is to die for, and his nipples scream out to be gently chewed on, as does his tight ring piece.
This is a preview site with small clips of hardcore movies that give you a taster what will happen in the movies you want to see. I was in the mood to see big hard cocks ramming deep into tight young and willing assholes. I scrolled down the list of categories and saw one that said Gay group sex videos. Perfect for what I wanted to see.

I chose one movie from Men.com (which is an award winning gay porn site). It’s a five-man fuck-fest with some of the best men, and most famous porn stars around today. The scene lasts for 5.59 minutes, enough to rub our cock to, and if you like it, which I am sure you will, then you can go and look at their web page and maybe join it if you want to. In this clip you will see Nicoli Cole, Ricky Decker, Colby Jansen, Dennis West and Jack Radley with his thick eleven and a half inch cock as they take turns sucking and fucking until all these hot studs are blasting in creamy white jizz. This movie can be downloaded as Mp4 (60 MB) there are also four other movies at the bottom of the page which are all related videos of groups of men dripping with sweat as they pound tight asshole.
Next I went to Time Tales, a great site with loads of barebacking movies to watch. I don’t know about you, but I love to watch a cock cum over a fucked asshole, just to see the cock go straight back inside again as the cum drips down onto the man’s balls as he strokes his cock inside him again. This hardcore movie clip almost had me cumming as I watched Kriss, a hot hunk with a great body, getting his ass almost ripped apart as Risto and Roman Karloff take turns in fucking his concrete like ass. This clip only lasts 03.03 minutes, but that is more than enough to know what else this site has to offer.
Next time you want to look at gay porn, type in ‘Hot guys gay porn’ and you won’t believe what will pop up; it’s more than worth your time.…

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